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Dance Summer School 2015 in Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield!

L.H.Dance shall be running our summer school once again this year, from Tuesday 25th August 2015 to Friday 28th August 2015! However this year we shall be running it slightly different! There will be no 'show' at the end of the week this year...... Instead we will be focusing on fun rather than choreography and having different activities each day, including a trip to Jump Nation (trampoline training centre) or similar trampoline centre and to the Aerial Studio (silks and hoop). Please see pictures below!

The summer school will be running from 9am till 3pm ( 5 hours ) to coincide better with people's work schedules and will include Acro, Contemporary, Street, Lyrical, Hoops, Ribbons and for the first year ever, musical theatre! There will be no pressure to learn choreography in a short amount of time this year, so it will be all about skills learning, improving flexibility and fun lifts/tricks.

Tuesday 25th August : 9am - 3pm at Class at Mere Green community centre.

Wednesday 26th August : 9am - 11am Morning class at Mere Green community centre. 11am - 3pm Jump Nation or similar (we will be taking them and bringing them back to the community centre)

Thursday 27th August : 9am - 3pm Class at Mere Green community centre.

Friday 28th August : 9am - 11am Morning Class at Mere Green community centre 11am - 3pm Aerial skills at Danse Vivante (hoop and silks) (once again we will be taking them and bringing them back to the community centre)

Price for the summer school is £95 per child, and this includes the trampoline workshops and the aerial workshops and travel. ALL ages and abilities are welcome!!

For the first time this year you will need to book your place on the summer school in advance, due to me needing to book the workshops in advance. To book your place there is a £30 deposit, and the remaining £65 is paid on the first day of the summer school. This is to secure the amount needed for both workshops in case of cancellation. Once the deposit is paid and I have booked them on the workshops I hope you understand that I won't be able to return the deposit if there is a cancellation. Thank smile emoticon

Please let me know if you would like to book a Place!

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