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Mascot hire
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Hire your favourite characters to make an appearance at your child's birthday party, christening or special event. See their faces light up when their imagination comes to life and they get to meet their idol for real!

Mascots - Chase Paw Patrol | Poppy Trolls | Pikachu | Big Hero 6 | Kung Fu Panda | Mickey and Minnie Mouse | Minion Stuart | Iggle Piggle 

Characters - Spiderman | Hulk | Batman| Darth Vader | Anna | Elsa | Rapunzel | Cinderella | Tinkerbell | Snow White | Belle | Ariel The Little Mermaid


The meet and greet's include arriving at a destination of your choice, saying hello to all the children, photographs, bringing out a cake, dancing to songs and playing games (not available with mascots due to costume restrictions).  Frozen characters also come along with an Anna and Elsa Stand-in cardboard cutout!

Turn your appearance in to a FULL PARTY PACKAGE, we have entertainers, bouncy castles, face painters, dance teachers, football coaches and full themed parties around the characters you would like!

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Character Appearances and Mascot Hire



Game Entertainer

Why not let us handle the whole, or part of the party by adding a games and props entertainer to come along for either one hour or two hour slots, along with your character hire, or by themselves. They will play games with the children, keep them entertained, bring a sound system and play music to dance to, organise the children for character photos, the cake and keep their energies high! At the end your entertainer will present all the children with a certificate in a presentation ceremonY. with each entertainer comes -

  • Limbo Stand

  • Parachute

  • Bowling Set

  • Party Music Playlist with Dance Activity Songs

  • Life size version of Hungry Hippos

Iggle Piggle In the Night garden birmingham
Chase Paw Patrol Appearances
Pokemon Parties Birmingham
Poppy Trolls Appearances Birmingham
frozen parties, frozen character appearances
Minion themed parties Birmingham

Pricing options for Character Appearances, Mascot Hire, and Game Entertainer

MASCOT APPEARANCE A meet and greet with photographs, bringing out the cake and dancing to music. Please request if the playlist needs to be provided by us.


Chase Paw Patrol: Iggle Piggle: Poppy Trolls: Olaf: Pikachu: Peppa Pig: Kung Fu Panda: Minion Mascot: Big Hero 6 Baymax: 30 min  £45 | 45 mins  £60


Minnie + Mickey Mouse: 30 min  £80 | 45 mins  £100



CHARACTER APPEARANCE A meet and greet with photographs, bringing out the cake, dancing to music and a game of your child's choice (such as musical statues, musical bumps, follow the leader or grandma's footsteps).

Chosen from:

Spiderman | Hulk | Elsa | Anna | Batman | Cinderella | Tinkerbell | Snow White | Rapunzel | Belle | Ariel


One Character: 30 mins  £55 | 45 mins  £70

Two Characters: 30 mins  £90 | 45 mins   £110

Three Characters: 30 mins  £120 | 45 mins   £150


Use of snow machine: £5



STANDARD ENTERTAINER One Hour Party. Entertainer arrives first and gets the children warmed up for 15 minutes with games and props and then intoduces the special guest character. Both the entertainer and mascot/character then spend 30 or 45 minutes entertaining the children. The entertainer spends the last 10 minutes presenting certificates in a ceremony with stickers.


Option One: 60 mins entertainer, 45 mins with Mascot    £115


Option Two: 60 mins entertainer, 45 mins with character    £125


Use of snow machine: £5

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Appearances Birmingham
Rapunzel Appearances Birmingham
Anna Frozen Appearances Birmingham
Face Painters Birmingham
Spiderman Appearances Birmingham
Face Painter Birmingham

ENTERTAINER PLUS Two hour party. Entertainer will arrive first and spend 45 minutes entertaining the children with games and props. There will then be a 15 minute food break. The entertainer then introduces the special guest mascot/character and they spend 30 or 45 minutes entertaining the children. The entertainer spends the last 10 minutes presenting certificates in a ceremony with stickers.


Option One: 120 mins entertainer | 45 mins with Mascot    £155


Option Two: 120 mins with entertainer | 45 mins with Character    £165


Use of snow machine £5



ULTIMATE PARTY PACKAGE Choose any number or combination of characters to make your child's party special!


Option One: Entertainer 120 mins | Face Painter 120 mins |

Props, Games, Certificates, Stickers, Dance Activity Songs | Snow Machine




Option two: Entertainer 120 mins | Face Painter 120 mins | 

Props, Games, Certificates, Stickers, Dance Activity Songs | Snow Machine




Option three: Entertainer 120 mins | Face Painter 120 mins |

Props, Games, Certificates, Stickers, Dance Activity Songs | Snow Machine






BASIC ENTERTAINER Have an entertainer come to your children's party to play games with them and keep them entertained.  Includes Hula Hoops, Inflatable Limbo Stick, a Parachute and Pin the Tail on the Donkey, as well as traditonal games and music and dancing.

Option one: 60 mins | £65     

      Option two: 120 mins | £110

CREATIVE CHARACTER 2 hour children's party: Includes two hours with both a games entertainer and an arts and crafts add-on package of your choice (either jewellery making, baseball cap decorating or t-shirt decorating) with a 45 minute appearance from a character or mascot of your choice!

One Arts + Crafts Activity up to 18 children | £195

One Arts + Crafts Activity 18 -30 children | £225

BASIC FACE PAINTING To hire a Face Painter to come to your child's birthday party, prices start from £40 for the first hour and £20 for every hour after that. For boys we offer all the superheroes; spiderman, batman, iron man, superman, ninja turtles! And for the girls we offer Disney Frozen's Olaf, Anna and Elsa painted Princess Tiara's, flower trails, hearts, butterflies, ladybugs and many more! Get in touch today! :)

Spiderman character Appearances Birmingham
Snow White Cinderella Parties
frozen appearances birmingham
children's entertainers birmingham
Rapunzel appearances tinkerbell appearances
Elsa appearances frozen birmingham

Added Extras: Want to take the hassle out of organising party extra's? We offer different themed party bags and sweetie cones! We pack them and bring them along on the day so you dont have to worry about organising or sorting out!

Themed Sweetie Cone: £2.50 per cone (Large sweetie cones, in your choice themed colours personalised with the birthday boy/girls name!)

Character Themed Party Bags: £3.50 per bag (2 themed toy variations, variety of sweets, themed bubbles and a bouncy ball, all in a simple chosen theme cello party bag)

Themed Personalised Party Bags: £5 per bag (the same as above but in a personalised party bag with the birthday boy/girls name on and a more extravagant themed bag design)

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