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At L.H.Dance and Parties, we're here to cater to the needs of your adult parties, whether they be a hen party, corporate party or maybe even a birthday party that you want to make extra special and fun. We offer a unique, fun and memorable way to....start your hen party weekend off in style, kick start team building events for any size company, laugh and bond at a staff christmas party, choreograph a special routine for corporate events, charity events, birthday parties or promotional events.


Dance is the best way to break the ice, to laugh at yourselves (or your boss) and to create fun and energetic memories away from the office!! And our dance parties do just that!


We provide the music and bring our own speaker system, and included in all adult dance parties (hen parties, corporate parties, staff parties, corporate events, charity events) are participation certificates handed out at the end.  Remember you're never too old for a certificate! Clear the fridge of any children related content, once you've complete your adult dance party you'll want it proudly placed in prime position for all to see!!! :)


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Themed Adult Dance Parties

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