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Here at L.H. Dance and Parties we can offer adult parties and workshops something different and unique to make them memorable, special and FUN...and that's adult DANCE parties! Whether it's to kick start your team building days and events, have a laugh at the Christmas staff party, create a special routine for a big birthday party or hire a choreographer for a corporate or charity event.  Here at L.H. Dance and Parties we have it all here for you!


There can be nothing better than watching your boss do his best Michael Jackson thriller dance moves at the staff christmas party? Right? Maybe your a boss who wants to team build using physical, energetic and fun techniques. You can tailor make your party to whatever suits your needs.


For Staff Christmas Parties: Play dance based games to get everybody warmed up and to break the ice and then learn a super easy dance routine to any theme (Thriller, Cheerleading, Bollywood, 60's, 70's, 80's, Single Ladies, Rocky, Musicals and many more!) For one hour with a fab dance instructor...


Under 20 Staff:                        £75

20-40 Staff (2 instructors):       £120

40-60 Staff (3 instructors):       £160xact

Over 60 Staff:    Please Contact for Quote


If you need us to find you a venue in addition, please Contact for a Quote.



For Team Building Workshops, Parties, Days: Either one hour or two hour workshops available (one hour as above). For a 2 hour session however, enjoy some fun rivalry and competition with dance battles, added prizes, a range of dance themes across multiple groups, and more games.


Under 20 Staff:  1 hour               £75  2 hour               £130

20-40 Staff:     1 hour                £120  2 hour                £200

40-60 Staff:     1 hour                £160  2 hour                £275

Over 60 Staff:   Please Contact for a Quote


If you need us to find you a venue in addition, please Contact for a Quote.




Choreographer Hire


For Corporate Events: Are you holding an event that you want to make unique? Maybe your holding a charity event and would like a way for your employee's to raise money? A dance performance from your staff could be perfect for any big or small occasion! For this there are no games or team building, a dance routine meeting your requirements will be made and then taught to all involved.


Under 10 Staff:     £50 per hour

10-20 Staff:          £75 per hour

Over 20 Staff:      Please Contact for a Quote.



For Private events:  Are your looking to audition or perform locally? Maybe you have a big birthday coming up and you want to surprise your guests with a performance! Maybe with a partner? Maybe with your best friend! We can supply an instructor to suit ALL your needs.


  One-on-One Lesson: £25 per hour

  More than 1 person: £50 per hour

Corporate Parties

Team Building| Staff Parties| Corporate Events





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