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Paw Patrol Parties and Chase Paw Patrol Appearances Birmingham

We couldn't be more excited to be bringing our brand new for 2017 Paw Patrol Parties to our children's party entertainment line up! One of the most popular children's programs currently on television, Chase and his gang are the perfect addition to every party to make your child's party that extra special! Choose our packages at just a Chase appearance or a full blown party package including entertainers, paw patrol themed games and face painters!

Chase from Paw Patrol absolutely loves to dance, give great big hugs and pose for photos but does have visibility restrictions... so to make the party a more complete package, hire a games and props entertainer to run the party, and host the Chase appearance to ensure your children get the best party experience possible!

Paw Patrol children's parties birmingham
paw patrol children's parties birmingham
pokemon themed birthday parties

Each Paw Patrol themed party includes Paw Patrol themed games as well as all our usual party games such as Limbo, parachutes and dance activity songs such as hokey cokey, cha cha slide.... themed games include...

  • Paw Patrol Badges: Ryder needs help from the Pups to have the most fun ever, but before we start we must find all the badges hidden around the room and become part of the Paw Patrol ourselves (children keep badges).

  • Puppy Corner!: A picture of each Pup, Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble and Everest is spread around the room, the entertainer calls out their names and the last person to run to that picture is out!

  • Paw Patrol plates: Used for a twist on the game musical bumps where the kids must find a plate to sit on, that decreases every round!

  • Paw Patrol Stomp: Each blue balloon has paw patrol stickers inside, the only way to access the stickers is by stomping the balloons and taking the stickers for yourself!!

  • Paw Patrolcertificates: Each child takes a Chase certificate home with their name and the birthday boy/girls name on.

  • Paw Patrol stickers and Prizes

Pricing options for Chase Paw Patrol Appearances and Paw Patrol Party Packages.


CHASE PAW PATROL APPEARANCE A meet and greet with photographs, bringing out the cake and dancing to music. Please request if the playlist needs to be provided by us.


30 minutes | £45

45 mins | £60



STANDARD PAW PATROL PACKAGE One Hour Party. Entertainer arrives first and gets the children warmed up for 15 minutes with games and props and then introduces Chase. Both the entertainer and Chase then spend 30 or 45 minutes entertaining the children. The entertainer spends the last 10 minutes presenting certificates in a ceremony with paw patrol stickers.


Option one: 60 mins with entertainer | 45 mins with Chase| Paw Patrol themed games £135


Use of snow machine: £5



PAW PATROL PACKAGE PLUS Two hour party. Entertainer will arrive first and spend 45 minutes entertaining the children with games and props. There will then be a 15 minute food break. The entertainer then introduces the special guest Chase and they spend 30 or 45 minutes entertaining the children. The entertainer spends the last 10 minutes presenting certificates in a ceremony with Paw Patrol stickers.


Option one: 120 mins with entertainer | 30 mins with Chase | Paw Patrol themed games £170


Option two: 120 mins with entertainer | 45 mins with Chase | Paw Patrol themed games £185


Use of snow machine £5



ULTIMATE PAW PATROL PARTY PACKAGE As with Entertainer Plus, except with a Face Painter!


Entertainer for 120 mins

45 mins with Chase

Face Painter for 120 mins

Paw Patrol Themed Games, Certificates, Stickers, Activity Dance Songs

Snow Machine






BASIC ENTERTAINER Have an entertainer come to your children's party to play games with them and keep them entertained.  Includes Hula Hoops, Inflatable Limbo Stick, a Parachute and Pin the Tail on the Donkey, as well as traditonal games and music and dancing.

60 mins | £65

120 mins | £110 



Added Extras: Want to take the hassle out of organising party extra's? We offer paw patrol themed party bags and sweetie cones! We pack them and bring them along on the day so you dont have to worry about organising or sorting out!

Paw Patrol Sweetie Cone: £2.50 per cone (Large sweetie cones, in Pikachu themed colours personalised with the birthday boy/girls name!)

Paw Patrol Themed Party Bags: £3.50 per bag (2 paw patrol toy variations, variety of sweets, paw patrol bubbles and a bouncy ball, all in a simple paw patrol themed cello party bag)

Paw Patrol Personalised Party Bags: £5 per bag (the same as above but in a personalised paw patrol/chase party bag with the birthday boy/girls name on and a more extravagant bag design)

Paw Patrol children's parties birmingham

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