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Ways to make your child's birthday party special and unique, Birmingham 2015.

It can be enough to make any parent pull their own hair out, just when you think you're safe and clear, your child's birthday is coming back round at lightning speed and you have to organise a party that will impress not only your child.....but their friends, their friends parents, family members, neighbours, and your cousins next door neighbours daughter because the invites just keep going out! The organisation, stress and panic seems endless. What was once just a bouncy castle hire and some jelly and ice cream is now a cometitive world where parents are under pressure to out do the last party their child went to, which was all the talk at school! Parents let me tell you as someone who speaks to parents on a daily basis who all have the same troubles....YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Whether you are the organised parent planning 6 months in advance or the last minute parent trying to organise the week before, the stresses are the same! People havent RSVP'd, should you spend money on entertainment, do you invite the whole class or just your child's friends, have you got the party bags, the cake, the food......its all too much!

Here, at L.H.Dance and Parties we have a number of unique and tailored packages that range from £40 to £280 that aim to make a stressful time just that little bit easier. We offer a diverse range of packages, from face painting to entertainment to character appearances to bouncy castles, from arts + crafts to dance parties to football parties to themed fancy dress, so that you can find what it is you are looking for or maybe even stumble across something you wern't looking for! In a world where simple seems likes it never enough you can combine and tailor make your party so that every age group and both genders are entertained and happy. Not to mention that our most popular option is always standard and traditional party games, organised by an entertainer, with some special and added twists such as characters or arts and crafts to add that unique touch. Simple is best, and if you want something more complicated then we are on hand to help you with whatever you may need. Take a look at some of our Tips below!

1. Be prepared! Think ahead and have fun looking online for what you could do for your childs party. It will dramatically cut the stress down later on.

2. Most expensive isnt always the best option! If the entertainment is right, kids will be happy with traditional parties that can involve everybody and can still be super fun!

3. Don't think you are the only parent who feels this way. YOU'RE NOT.

4. Take Space into account. Planning a small party for a few friends? highly likely that your house will be a good enough size to provide memorable entertainment. Inviting the whole class?? Probably best to source out a local village hall or leisure centre hall to be able to provide entertainment safely and so that there is enough space for everyone to have a good time!

5. Companies will work around you! It's their job. Want something a little different or an added aspect that may not be immediately available? Just ask, we're here to help make the whole experience enjoyable!

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